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ALT Sparkling Rosé Non-Alcoholic Wine

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine is here! We are super excited about this amazing 100% Tempranillo Rosé Sparkling Wine with no alcohol which has refreshing acidity with some sweetness & strong fizz, hints of of summer berries, citrus peel & aromatic spice. This hangover-free sparkling wine is perfect for those special occasions, your sober friends and designated drivers who still like to party!

Producer Name : ALT Drinks

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We adore ALT for their transparency of their production. The red Tempranillo grapes are harvested and fermented in Spain


The wine is then de-alcoholised via a delicate method called vacuum distillation which preserves the aromas and acidity of the wine


The wine is then filtered and made fizzy by adding carbon dioxide (same as our beloved Prosecco!), corked & labeled! Chill the wine down in your fridge and enjoy hang-over free!

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