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Ambijus Clearly Confused Alcohol-Free

Is this an Alcohol-free Cider… Kind of… Is this an Alcohol-free Wine Alternative?…. Well yes… So what is it? Bloody Delicious! Ambijus is an unique innovative alcohol-free drink which stands on it’s own feet with unique ingredients, reminiscent of the Nordic forests. With a fresh base of apple juice and apple cider vinegar, then layered up with herbal notes of spruce needles and balanced bitterness with sweetness and that lovely elderflower note peeps through on the finish! Super versatile -it pairs well with Pork, Cured meets, Cheeses & Roasted autumnal vegetables.

Producer Name : Ambijus

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What's it made of? - Fermented apple juice, apple cider vinegar, botanical extracts including spruce needles, roasted oakwood, angelica root, elderflower and juniper


The producers were inspired by their love for Nordic Forests, working with real ingredients native to Norway to extract their unique flavours and aromas


That Label - Illustrated by Alexis Jamet, the abstract design express an evocative visualisation of the flavour memory of a walk in the forest

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