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Binary Botanical Alcohol-Free Beer

Known as the wine lover’s beer – Binary Botanical have created an alcohol-free table beer is unlike any beer you have tasted before. Hints of passion fruit, white peach, guava, gooseberries and grapefruit like aromas are reminiscent of Prosecco or white wine and are solely created by the infusion of organic aromatic hop leaves. This unique flavourful beer goes down beautifully with pizzas, pastas, curries or other asian dinners.

Producer Name : Binary Botanical

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British hops are used extensively in beer production, however the hop leaves, which are super aromatic, are wasted and Binary Botanical decided to use these leaves into their deliciously aromatic beers


The hops leaves give the beers a more sour, tangy taste along with oodles of tropical aromas and flavours while imparting very little of the classic hop bitterness


Founded in 2019, Binary Botanical is a Surrey based company that wanted to change the way people drink beer! Their vision is to create beverages that wine lovers can enjoy with their meals and lower ABV


Meet the Maker - Danielle Bekker

Having worked in the brewing industry for over 20 years, Danielle wanted to create a beverage that would replace wines with a low alcohol alternative. To create this, they innovated to add hop leaves into the brew which would combine the experience of drinking a chilled beer with aromas of a white wine! All the while sipping on a low alcohol alternative.

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