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Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee – Pack of 4

Bottleshot Cold Brew is unapologetically simple, high quality, smooth, full-bodied and naturally flavourful coffee in a can. We love it because it is a truly versatile drink and the coffee beans are ethically sourced. We created a moreish Espresso Martini with the cold-brew, keep scrolling for the easy recipe. 

Producer Name : Bottleshot

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Ground coffee is steeped in cold water for eighteen hours to carefully extract the best flavour


Ethically sourced Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia with Rainforest Alliance certification. One Can contains about 195mg of caffeine


Bottleshot was created by Annie and Charlotte, both long standing cold brew fans, who grew up with New Orleans cold brew in their homes. Learn more about their story below


Annie Mitchell Co-Founder & CEO - “Just like the originals from New Orleans, our cold brew is unapologetically simple. We are proud and confident in our core flavours, which is why we do not add extra ingredients to mask the taste. This is cold brew done right. We're proud to be female-run and we focus on honest and ethical practices like our Rainforest Alliance certification, aluminium cans, and upcycling coffee grinds for compost.”


Cold brew coffee is made by brewing for an extended period of time that hasn't been blasted by heat so it never tastes burnt or bitter. It has smooth, high energy that keeps you energised throughout the day, and is also significantly less acidic so it's easier on the gut.

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