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Canvino Sparkling Rosé Italian Wine

We tasted a lot of wines in cans before we decided to list the delicious Canvino wines on All Things Drinks! Made in Lombardy, Italy; Canvino Sparkling Rosé is pale-blush in colour, medium-dry and lightly sparkling with well balanced red berries aromas and a refreshing finish with just a hint of sweetness. With a lower ABV of 10.5% alcohol and 200ml can, it’s not only gives you more control over your consumption but also are perfect for beach parties or week day tipple! They also make a sparkling White – keep scrolling to discover it.

Producer Name : House of Canvino


Why Cans? Aluminium cans are extremely recyclable, minimise the need for glasses, single serve means less wine wastage as well as controlled consumption compared to a 750ml bottle of wine


Lombardy is known particularly for its Sparkling Wines made in the Franciacorta and Oltrepo Pavese areas of the Northers Italian lakes in the foothills of the Alps


Founders Marc Laventure & 4 others are passionate about the wine industry but also want to challenge the wine industry norm and creating drinks for the current consumer

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