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Capreolus Siegerrebe Grape Eau-de-Vie 2018

Limited bottles! Have you heard of Capreolus Distillery? It is the most magical place in Gloucestershire where world’s most phenomenal spirits are made. Barney Wilczak’s dedication of making the purest eau-de-vie from locally sourced fruit, with keen meticulous respect for fermentation & distillation and his truly humble heart is the reason we at All Things Drinks, love his spirits. Capreolus Siegerrebe Grape Eau-de-Vie 2018 is hedonistic, full and viscous with masses of rose water receding into lychee, delicate wood spice and complex herbaceous notes.

Producer Name : Capreolus distillery

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Only 621 bottles made and each is distilled, bottled & labelled with the utmost care and love and would make a thoughtful gift or a luxuriously indulgent treat


Siegerrebe Grape is an aromatic cross between Gewürztraminer and Madeleine Angevine and the grapes for the eau-de-vie came from Three Choirs Vineyards


Founded by Barney Wilczak along with his closest family & friends, Capreolus Distillery is based in the Cotswolds make exquisite world class eau-de-vie & gin


We adore Capreolus Founder Barney Wilczak's passion for preserving flavours & aromas.

He says "Years of working for my own consumption led to the development of my own purely quality driven practice. Capturing eaux de vie through wild fermentation of their natural sugar (atypical for low yielding fruits) and meticulous distillation, brought enormous compression; they preserve up to 45kg fruit in each finished litre. However, what enchanted me was how this elegant way of working, this capturing of pure essence, revealed so much. What I discovered was something that not only isolated a moment of peak ripeness but transported me to the parent plants and landscape in which I was raised. The elevation of flavours imperceptible in the raw fruit took me to standing in 300 year old perry pear orchards. The aroma of a Blackberry Eau de Vie to the autumnal warmth of the sun. The synesthetic link of aroma and flavour is something where language consistently fails."

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