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ChariTea Black

Made with finest Organic and Fairtrade Sri Lankan Black Tea leaves, this deliciously invigorating ChariTea Black is best served over ice with a slice of citrus! Naturally sweetened with organic agave syrup, the balance of the black tea anti-oxidant rich tannins and the hint of lemon makes this a perfect pick-me-up afternoon drink. ChariTea also make 3 other flavours – keep scrolling to discover them all.

Producer Name : ChariTea


We adore ChariTea for being transparent about what's in the drinks - Infusion of organic black tea (water, black tea) (93%), organic agave juice, organic lemon juice (3%)


Sri Lanka's Tea Farmers - Green and Black Tea has been grown in Ceylon to organic standards there since 1987, & Fairtrade conditions allow the growers to keep on improving their living and working environment


It all started in 2008 when founders and friends Jakob Berndt, Felix Langguth and Paul Bethke started the ChariTea project to incite and shape the process of social change


Meet the UK Managing Director of ChariTea - Julian Warowioff

"Having experienced the inefficiencies of traditional development aid first hand, our founder Paul wanted to create a social business that was self-sustaining, instead of having to constantly raise donations. We work with smallholder farmers in the Global South and we believe the best way of empowering them is through fair trade – by paying fair prices, providing access to international markets, and the security of long-term contracts. We think companies shouldn’t solely exist to benefit their shareholders whilst charities can alleviate the social injustices done to producing countries. Instead, every business has the moral obligation to be a good citizen and take responsibility for their actions. We have always championed the belief that business can be a force for good and be successful – it is possible to achieve both."

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