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Chimay 150 Green Label Beer

Chimay produced a limited edition beer to mark their 150th year anniversary and this Belgian trappist beer is as rare as it is delicious. We have 24 bottles to sell and we are not sure if we will get more! This strong blond beer is refreshing with notes of bergamot, lime, white flowers, hints of rosemary, while on the palate, it’s a burst of smoky, spicy flavours with smooth and mellow texture.

(2 customer reviews)

Producer Name : Chimay Brewery


Limited production means this Belgian Trappist beer is on allocation for UK and rare


The monks of Chimay started brewing trappist beers in 1862 in Scourmont Abbey


Only fourteen monasteries in the world are allowed to brew Trappist beer and are recognised by the International Trappist Association

2 reviews for Chimay 150 Green Label Beer

  1. Al

    Great beer has an almost champagne taste perhaps they used a champagne yeast.
  2. Guy

    This is a nice blond beer, light enough to enjoy with a meal and strong enough that you don't need too many at a time! If you like Belgian blond beers with the strong carbonation that they usually have, you have to try this one!
  3. Richard

    This is a light refreshing ale with delicate flavours. Perfect for late summer evenings, or in front of a log fire. If you like your light ales this is a must.

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