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Ciello Bianco Italian White Wine

Super value aromatic white wine! This unfiltered, slightly cloudy, Catarratto by Ciello is phenomenal – wonderful nose of white grape juice, mouth-filling with notes of pink grapefruits, apples and a slight spiciness from the lees. Absolutely perfect for warm summers, serve chilled as an aperitif or with starters/finger food (it’s even perfect with crisps!)

Producer Name : Ciello

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Low-intervention, unfiltered, naturally produced and with biodynamic & organic principles, this might be the best natty white wine for this price in the UK!


Catarratto is Sicily's most important white variety and as it is an aromatic grape, bottling it unfiltered allows for all those amazing flavours to shine through into your glass!


The Vesco family has been making wine in Sicily as far back as 1860 but their constant innovation and love of the land has seen them thrive in current wine world

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