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Coast White Tea & Yuzu Soda – Pack of 6 Cans

Buy by the bottle or in cans – Coast’s Yuzu and White Tea Soda water brings a twist on the bland taste you’d expect from soda water, with hints of yuzu and sea salt. Fresh, subtle, and refined, inspired by the inky seas and brooding skies of Okinawa, Coast Soda Water has a subtle umami finish. With less than 1kcal in a can, this packs way above it’s weight which is only possible by using the finest ingredients which are brimming with natural flavours.

Producer Name : Coast Drinks

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With 0g sugar and at less than 1 kcal in a can!! The ingredients list is: Sparkling Water, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Natural Flavourings, White Tea Extract, Sea Salt


Buy a Coast, Save a Coast is their motto and they do this by partnering with Marine Conservation Society to help create healthy, abundant, pollution-free coastlines


Founders Joe & Richard found the classic tonics & sodas too boring, and there was nothing exciting enough to mix with good dark spirits, so they created Coast Drinks

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