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CUT Smoked Rum

This rum is one of a kind. The first ever rum to be smoked in the UK, this incredible spirit is infused with arabica coffee beans, smoked with burnt wood chips and left to rest in oak barrels for 3 years to produce a natural toasted oak flavour! A great alternative for you peated bourbon lovers.

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Producer Name : CUT RUM

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First of its kind, this rum is very unique in how it is made. Keep scrolling to see the method behind this genius drink


Did you know? It took the producers 2 years to crack the perfect smoked rum recipe


CUT wanted to create rums with authentic high-quality flavours for people who are looking for flavoured rums without any synthetic and artificial flavouring


The Smoked Rum Process - Adding real american oak chips in the furnace, released their sweet, vanilla aromas; to this they add their 3 years old Jamaican Rum while condensing all the flavours together. The rum is filtered to remove any harmful chemicals it may have picked up from the smoking process. Then the beautifully strong smoked rum is blended with flavoured rum which has been infused with coffee beans and natural tobacco extract. It is then added into barrels where its left to mature and balance before bottling it into the liquid gold in our glasses. Absolute Genius!!

1 review for CUT Smoked Rum

  1. Guy

    Does everything it says on the label. The smokiness is front and centre on this one which gives it a slight bitterness, which is quite pleasant. I've not had anything quite like this one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try something a little different.

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