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CUT Spiced Rum

Let’s cut to the spice, shall we? This delicious spiced rum is made from premium Caribbean Rum infused with aniseed, nutmeg, ginger, black peppercorn, coriander seed, lemon peel and sweet vanilla pods. Try it with some ginger beer or cola for a deliciously flavourful experience.

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Producer Name : CUT RUM

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Made with aged rums distilled in Jamaica and Trinidad, blended with a selection of spices and botanicals for a sweet and warming taste


The Rum is the soul and all of it comes from copper pot stills made by Forsyths that give body to the rum and then are aged in ex-american bourbon barrels


CUT wanted to create rums with authentic high-quality flavours for people who are looking for flavoured rums without any synthetic and artificial flavouring


CUT are very transparent about what goes into their rums and are firmly against synthetic flavourings.

Their cinnamon and aniseed is from Sri Lanka,
Peppercorns and vanilla from Madagascar,
Butterscotch, aniseed and coriander seeds from India,
Ginger are nutmeg from West Indies and
Lemons from their friend's gardens in UK.

1 review for CUT Spiced Rum

  1. Guy

    This is my absolute favourite spiced rum and one of my favourite drinks overall. It's smooth and sweet like a spiced rum should be, but it's somehow smoother than the others. Highly recommended.

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