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Della Vite Rosé Prosecco DOC Vintage 2021

Prosecco by the Delevingne sisters – Cara, Poppy & Chloe. We were really impressed when we tasted Della Vite Proseccos and immediately decided to list their full range as all their 3 wines are incredibly delicious! The Della Vite Rosé Prosecco has an elegant, pale coral pink colour with aromas of freshly crushed wild berries and rhubarb. The delicate fruit flavours are in perfect balance with the creamy texture and fine bubbles. Super versatile, try it with fresh ceviche, bruschetta, mango sorbet or summer panna cotta. Did you know they make two other Proseccos? Keep scrolling to discover the full range.

Producer Name : Della Vite Prosecco

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89% Glera & 11% Pinot Noir grapes from the Prosecco sub-region of Treviso, Italy; this DOC is Extra dry - which means a little bit sweeter than Brut style sparkling wines


That Bottle! A stylish label-free bottle, the unique silhouette with the words ‘Della Vite’ – meaning ‘from the vine’ – written in Poppy Delevingne’s own cursive script


Della Vite Prosecco is the first joint venture between Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne and it’s daring, it’s dazzling, it’s elegant and it’s not afraid to let its hair down!


It's not just a brand.

The Delevingne Sisters take the quality of their Prosecco seriously. They use natural, yeasts cultivated in their own lab to ferment the wines. Their Master winemakers who have studied for 8 years at prestigious wine schools oversees production. They also go the extra mile by fermenting their Prosecco for 60 days (instead of the usual 30 days) to create smooth, creamy bubbles (also known as the 'mousse'). Solar energy powers Della Vite production, and all of their water is heated by the exchange system in the refrigeration units. And unlike most wines, their Prosecco is filtered through a ceramic system, not draining agents containing animal products – meaning all the Della Vite Proseccos are certified vegan.

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