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Domaine Mas Montel La Petite Syrah

Rare Grape Variety! This red wine is marvellously consistent with soft, ripe fruit flavours to the fore, an uncomplicated Petite Syrah, showing stewed fruits flecked with cinnamon and nutmeg. Garnet in colour, earthy aromas, notes of red fruits, spice, leather and liquorice with well balanced, elegant and rounded tannins. Delicious with a rich stew or tomato based pasta dishes.

Producer Name : Domaine Mas Montel

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Durif aka Petite Syrah? Is that just small Syrah/Shiraz? - Not really... Keep scrolling to learn a bit more about this rare grape variety


Mas Montel have not certified this wine as Organic but they are producers who farm with organic values and in harmony with their environment


The journey began in 1945, when Marcel Granier bought Mas Montel with only one objective: to make wine for everyone, for all tastes and all budgets and today his children run the domaine with the same passion


Durif aka Petit Syrah - The Origin Story

In the 1860s the French botanist François Durif kept a nursery of several grape varieties at his home in the commune of Tullins where he most likely had plantings of Peloursin and Syrah. At some point the two vines cross pollinated and Durif discovered a new grape variety growing in his nursery. It was identified and named Plant du Rif (later Durif) by ampelographer Victor Pulliat in 1868.

Durif was common in the southern French regions of Languedoc, Provence and Vin de Pays though it is rarely seen today. Australia and California are now the two leading producers of this rare grape.

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