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Emiliana Novas Organic Sauvignon Blanc

One of the best Sauvignon Blancs! Greenish-yellow in colour, this organic Chilean Sauvignon shows aromas of citrus, fresh herbs, a touch of white peppers with mouth-watering acidity and a dreamy, soft finish. Excellent aperitif that pairs effortlessly with mezze platter and friends. We also love Emiliana for their relentless commitment to mother earth. This white wine will impress even those who are not big Sauvignon Blanc fans! 

Producer Name : Emiliana

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Organically grown Sauvignon blanc which is aged for three months which leads to enhanced soft mouth feel and complex aromatics


Made in San Antonio Valley in Chile, the vines are grown on maritime, coastal mountain ranges which means cooler climate, higher acidity and intense flavour profile


Owners Rafael and José Guilisasti along with winemaker Álvaro Espinoza began converting a conventional Chilean winery into 100% organic and biodynamic, with the firm objective of creating wines of the highest quality while respecting people and the environment


Earth Lovers: “At Emiliana we are constantly working on new challenges to help protect nature, mitigate climate change, and promote the well-being and development of people. These commitments, together with our organic and biodynamic agricultural practices, are an essential part of what we do, and align with our purpose of reconnecting people with nature.”


“Our organic agriculture is based on a deep respect for nature and for people. We use only products from natural origins to help support the growth of our grapes and the elaboration of our wines. We do not use any genetically modified organisms nor toxic agrochemicals with synthetic materials that may contaminate the environment and put the health of our workers and consumers at risk. Through a holistic vision we foment and improve the health of our agroecosystem, particularly the biodiversity, the biological cycles, and the biological activity of our soils.”

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