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Find & Foster Mele Cider

LIMITED EDITION NATURAL CIDER! This gluggable, fruitiness and complexity of Find & Foster’s pet nats in a sustainable single serve can. Brown snouts and historic varieties from an ancient orchard on the river Exe fermented in 2021 mingle with a smattering of perry pears and quinces and a drop of fresh juice from the harvest. The result – Find & Foster Mele Cider is full of peaches and cream, apricot and custard on the nose, yet rich, structured, crisp red apple skin, apple crumble and sweet hay on the palate. We love everything Polly & Matt do, keep scrolling to learn more about their ethos.

Producer Name : Find & Foster Ciders

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By buying Find & Foster Mele Cider Can you are helping protect UK's endangered orchard environments & help plant more fruit trees


100% Natural Cider - Nothing added, nothing removed. No added sugar, no added sulphites, no added yeast, no chemicals of any kind


Based in Devon, Polly and Matt launched Find & Foster in 2016 and work with local farmers to regenerate their traditional orchards, to save important local apple varieties and encourage biodiversity


We adore what Polly & Matt stand for and their work ethos!

Polly says "Our aim is to reveal the quality potential of the traditional orchards that we foster in Devon; we cultivate, nurture and encourage them to thrive while creating natural, world class Champagne method, keeved and pet nat ciders.

We work with farmers to help breathe life back into traditional orchards on their farms; to prevent further decline and the extinction of important local apple varieties and work towards creating balanced, biodiverse ecosystems, that thrive with wildlife and require minimal human intervention. Unlike commercial orchards, these orchards are rich in nationally rare species and an important home for diverse pollinators, birds & other wildlife. Many also act as a gene bank where trees have survived for a century or more unaided by chemicals such as fungicides. Their disease-resistant genes are an important resource that needs safeguarding for the future. We graft these and other rare local varieties onto new young trees and plant young trees to replace those that have died."


Did you know?

90% of Devon's Traditional Orchards have been lost since WWII and 50% of those that remain are in poor condition due to a lack of incentive to manage them or replace fallen trees (Natural England, 2011).

Find & Foster work with small orchards throughout the Exe Valley, some ancient & full of fallen trees. Others suffocated by encroaching scrub and often strangled by wire that once protected the trees but was later forgotten. In most cases the apples in these orchards were previously left to rot on the ground year after year, yet they include incredible cider varieties as well as unusual local dessert and cooking varieties. Many of these varieties are rare or on the verge of extinction but make beautiful cider.

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