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Gin Eva La Mallorquina Olive Extra Dry

This is an extra ordinary gin! Distilled only once a year in small batches, this hero of this gin is the local variety of Olive called the La Mallorquina. This vintage distillate that is distilled every year in October from fresh olives and juniper and if you are a martini lover – be ready to take it to the next level with this gin! Savoury – Subtle – Sublime.

Producer Name : Gin Eva

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The La Mallorquina variety is the traditional olive from the island of Mallorca. The olive trees are hundreds of years old and can be only found on island of Mallorca


This gin makes a killer Olive Martini. Put it in the freezer to get it super chilled, pour a small amount of dry white vermouth in a chilled glass and serve dirty!


In 2010 – before the big Gin-hype began, Eva Maier & Stefan Winterling distilled their first batch of Gin for a winery they were working for and enjoyed it so much, they decided to open their own distillery

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