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Hitchhiker Azorean Orange Blossom Botanical Rum

Easy Drinking Botanical Rum. Made from a blend of the finest aged rums which are then blended with Azorean diverse fruits & British coastal botanicals, Hitchhiker Azorean Orange Blossom Botanical Rum is smooth & easy drinking rum. It has beautiful chocolatey, orange peel and pineapple notes along with a tropical/mediterranean feel. Rum lovers who are looking for something with a bit more flavour but not tons of sugar, this is a perfect sipping rum, which also works with your favourite mixer.

Producer Name : Hitchhiker Rum

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Made with a gorgeous Blend of Guyana / Trinidad & Tobago 4-5 year aged rum along with Blackberry Leaf, Burdock Root, Hawthorn Berry, Sea Buckthorn, Orange, Pineapple, Cassia, Liquorice


Enjoy in an Old Fashioned, or serve long with ginger beer and garnish with a large slice of orange


Founded by design studio owners James & Nathan in 2020, Hitchhiker Rum was born from their passion to translate their design aesthetic into high quality rums & beautiful packaging


Inspiration for the Azorean Orange Blossom Botanical Rum - THE SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY

This butterfly’s swallow-like tails mimic antennae, which together with two red and blue ‘false eyes’ confuse predators into thinking it is a two-headed butterfly

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