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Knut Hansen Dry German Gin

Inside this mysterious ceramic bottle with a face of a handsome sailor with blue eyes, is an equally stunning gin made with organic ingredients such as juniper berries, apples from the area around Hamburg, rose blossoms from the Baltic Sea, cucumbers and basil from Hamburg weekly market! Knut Hansen is truly an authentic award winning German gin which can be enjoyed in a classic Gin & Tonic!

Producer Name : Knut Hansen

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Inspired by the legendary Knut Hansen who was a german Sailor from Hamburg who was known for his stunning moustache and piercing blue eyes -which shine in the dark!


Environmentally aware Gin - the producers use locally grown ingredients, use green electricity in the distillery & use natural packaging materials such as cork and ceramic bottle


Founded in 2017 by two young entrepreneurs from Hamburg, Knut Hansen Gin has quickly established itself as one of Germany’s leading gin brands and is now the No. 1 handcrafted gin

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