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London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur

For this unique liqueur, London to Lima Gin has been infused with hand-picked Peruvian mulberries and Amazonian coca leaves, along with a drizzle of wild honey. It has a luxurious texture, decadent, rich chocolate flavours and brighter notes of citrus and dark berries, with lingering warming peppery spice. An incredible gin liqueur that goes down a treat by the fire and also makes delicious cocktails with sparkling wine!

Producer Name : London to Lima

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Mulberry & Coca are sourced from the mega diverse habitats of Peru, from the Amazon Jungle, high into the Andes Mountains and along the Pacific Coast


The base spirit is made from Peruvian Quebranta grapes which are used to make local Pisco which adds a unique flavour to the gin


This gin represents a tradition of adventure. From the moment Alex (British) met Karena (Peruvian) they bonded through a shared passion for exploring the unknown


The little-known Andean or Spectacled Bear is a fantastic tree climber and its diet mainly consists of gin botanicals! Mostly herbivorous, they forage for berries, bulbs, honey, fruits, sugarcane and palm hearts to name just part of its varied diet. Paddington Bear incidentally is a fine example of this bear! He seemed like the perfect fit for this full-flavoured Peruvian gin!

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