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Mauricio Gonzalez Moscatel Tinaja Orange Wine

Calling all Natural wine and Orange wine lovers! Exciting wine made by some amazing winemakers, Moscatel Tinaja is an orange wine made from Moscatel grapes in Secano Interior region of Chile. This naturally made wine is full of aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits. Vibrant and intense, the wine is unfiltered, wonderfully zesty and packed with mineral energy. Enjoy a bottle of this pure, experience of this incredible grape made naturally with minimal intervention and maximum respect for the wine.

Producer Name : Mauricio Gonzalez

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Made with 100% organically farmed Moscatel which is naturally fermented in clay tinajas along with the skins to give the wine it's vibrant flavours


Why Orange? Orange wines are white wines which have had some skin contact and usually bottled unfiltered which results into a complex and flavourful white wine with bit of colour


Mauricio Gonzalez Carraro & Macarena Lladser are devoted to low intervention winemaking & committed to revitalising the local heritage grape varieties


Mauricio Gonzalez Carraro is part of the Asociación de Productores de Vino Campesino de Chile, an organisation that works towards preservation of its land & vines. Moscatel or Muscat was one the first grape varieties planted in Bio Bio region of Chile by the Spanish, hundreds of years ago and over the years have been abandoned by local winemakers.

Mauricio has discovered some phenomenal Mosacatel vines, that are almost 80-100 years old. They are still going strong and creating the most vibrant and aromatic wines - such as this orange wine!

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