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Mermaid Zest Gin

This brand new Mermaid Zest Gin is full of bright and fresh grapefruit with gentle juniper, citrusy zing with a subtle sweetness with herbal notes. Made with summer citrus grapefruit, bergamot, lemon zest along with rosemary, hops and local rock samphire, this zesty, aromatic infusion is the most exciting Mermaid Gin yet. That Emerald Green bottle fits right in with the stunning Mermaid Gin bottle collection!


Producer Name : Isle of Wight Distillery

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Infused with coastal rock samphire and rosemary foraged from the Isle of Wight's shores, with fruits grown in the Victorian walled garden of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s island home, Osborne House


The Isle of Wight Distillery has a real sense of place while also being a certified Net Zero business


Friends Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett were the first to hold a distillery licence on the Isle of Wight


Origin Story - Mermaid Gin's name was inspired by its lead botanical - Rock Samphire, known locally as ‘mermaid’s kiss’. This aromatic succulent clings to the cliffs surrounding the island and marks the high tide line on its majestic beaches. The radiant green succulent was a signal to shipwrecked sailors and smugglers that they were safe.

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