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Messias Late Bottled Vintage LBV Port 2013

This LBV Port 2013 has a very deep ruby colour wine, with a delicious hint of black liquorice notes, wonderful aromas of dark chocolate and a subtle floral character and lots of black currants and berries. On the palate is perfectly balanced, has a good concentration with soft tannins, with a long and pleasant finish. Absolutely heavenly with Christmas Pudding or luxury chocolates but will also be a perfect pairing with hard and blue cheeses.

Producer Name : Porto Messias

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LBV means Late Bottled Vintage - this because the wines are aged between 4-6 years in big Oak barrels which gives it its deep colour and concentration of flavours


Top Tip - You don't need to decant LBV ports and can last upto two weeks once opened but remember to store in a cool place


Messias is based at Mealhada, a small city in central Portugal, in the heart of Bairrada region, where they have made wines for over 90 years


Blue cheeses such as Stilton, Gorgonzola, Fourme d’Ambert, and Port wine might be a match made in heaven but there are many other cheeses that would pair gorgeously with this LBV Port. High strength cheeses such as Parmesan, Cheddar, Aged gouda and Gruyere are all fantastic options - check label for the cheese strength and look for the bigger number! 5-6 tends to be the highest. But why does Cheese work so well with Port wines? It's the salty, acidity and the creamy elements of the cheese that pairs with the sweetness, acidity, tannins and the body (the mouthfeel of the wine) that complements each other to create magic on your palate and those beautiful Christmas meal moments.

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