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Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly 0.3% Alcohol-Free Beer

An absolute thirst quencher with a slight refreshing hint of coriander is the best way to describe Mikkeller Alcohol-free Henry Gose Lightly beer. A play on words, Gose is a style of German beer which has high amount of wheat, coriander and some salt, creates this extremely moreish, dry slightly sour beer. You may want to buy a few, though, as it disappears in no time and is hangover-free!

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Producer Name : Mikkeller Beers

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Gose was a staple drink in much of Lower Saxony for centuries—that is, until the beer became extinct in 1966 and is now being revitalised by some brewers


Mikkeller have isolated special yeasts that can produce low to no alcohol when fermenting but still produce a lot of aromas


Mikkeller is the adventurous story of a beer-loving Danish Maths and Physics teacher, who started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast in his small kitchen in Copenhagen


Meet the Maker - Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is more of a beer composer than a brewer. He makes recipes with creative freedom and without worrying about mass appeal. With a scientific background, he heavily invests in technology to improve quality and flavour creation. This dedication to his true self has got the craft beers listed in Michelin-starred restaurants and in over fifty countries across the globe.

1 review for Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly 0.3% Alcohol-Free Beer

  1. Thomas Bartlett

    Juicy, sour, and tangy. Quite sweet. Like rhubarb and gooseberry got smooshed together

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