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Mikkeller Heated Seats Beer

This New England Pale Ale is hazy, sun-struck straw appearance with aromas of lemon, melon and pineapple and flavours of citrus and stone fruit. An unfiltered beer that is super easy drinking. Absolute dream beer when paired with New England lobster roll or your favourite hot dog or burger.

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Producer Name : Mikkeller Beers

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This New England IPA beer displays a lot of fruity and herbal notes from the hops used, and no bitterness


Mikkeller are constantly creating new beer recipes, all engineered at Mikkeller's own facility in Copenhagen. They also have a pub in Shoreditch, London


Mikkeller is the adventurous story of a beer-loving Danish Maths and Physics teacher, who started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast in his small kitchen in Copenhagen


Meet the Maker - Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is more of a beer composer than a brewer. He makes recipes with creative freedom and without worrying about mass appeal. With a scientific background, he heavily invests in technology to improve quality and flavour creation. This dedication to his true self has got the craft beers listed in Michelin-starred restaurants and in over fifty countries across the globe.

1 review for Mikkeller Heated Seats Beer

  1. Guy Witcher

    Possibly my favourite of the Mikkeller beers I've tried, this is a darned smooth (the carbonation isn't as heavy here) Pale Ale that is perfect for drinking with a good savoury meal or snack. If I'm buying Mikkeller, this is first on my list.

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