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Ocho Añejo Tequila Cerro Grande

This very unique and rare single vintage and single estate aged Tequila has complex notes of roasted pineapple, tangerine, lemon juice, green apple, lilies, cooked agave and sweet oak notes, with a beautiful balance of the citrus notes and warm oak flavours. The agave for this tequila comes from one specific field demonstrating the depth of aroma and flavour that the agave gives to the tequila depending on its origin. Keep scrolling to find out more about Cerro Grande.

Producer Name : Tequila Ocho

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Ocho is the brainchild of Tomas Estes and Carlos Camarena, two much loved and celebrated tequila experts


Ocho is the first single estate tequila, designed to showcase the agave plant’s ability to convey different flavours from the land. Each vintage is harvested from diverse fields around the Mexican state of Jalisco


Agave plant takes 7-10 years to reach maturity. A fully ripe agave will have a higher sugar content and acidity than those harvested earlier and this is the foundation for Ocho's concentrated, complex flavour profiles


Meet The Master Distiller - Carlos Camarena - The Tequila Ocho story begins with the Camarena family, who started making tequila in 1937 and are now in their third generation as tequila producers. This family is one of the few that still make tequila in the slow and artisanal way. All tequila made by the Camarena family is produced exclusively from agave from their own fields, a fact that few other producers can claim.


The field is located around 27 km east of Arandas, where the mountain range “Cerro Grande” begins, lending its name to the ranch. To date, Cerro Grande is the agave field with the highest elevation that has been used for Ocho, sitting at 2,290 meters above sea level. The rancho has mostly old cedar and oak trees growing around the land. The soil is typical of the Highlands with red iron oxide and clay and is slightly acidic with a pH of 5.8.

Planted in 2013, at the time of harvest the agave plants were 7 years of age and fully mature, and contained an average sugar content of 30.72%. The quantity of agave processed for Ocho was 419,825 kg, enough to produce 83,500 litres of delicious tequila at 40% abv (80 proof).

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