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Pasqua Passimento Italian Red

Made in Valpolicella region of Italy, this delicious Italian red wine has a beautiful deep ruby ​​red colour, intense with marked notes of red fruits and hints of spices. Take a generous sip of Pasqua “PassioneSentimento” Passimento Rosso as it envelops the palate with soft, velvety tannins. We recommend enjoying it with a bowl of pasta and a loved one or with roast dinners and cheese platter, perfect red wine for special occasions!

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Producer Name : Pasqua


Corvina, Merlot & Croatina grapes are hand picked and left to air dry, as they lose water and become concentrated with flavours


The label is inspired by the romantic world of Romeo & Juliet in Veneto. A place and a myth that attracts thousands of people from all over the world, to Juliet’s courtyard


Founded in 1925 by the Pasqua brothers out of their love and passion for Valpolicella. They are still producing stunning wines while respecting their environment


Pasqua Family: The story of Pasqua Wines began when the first generation of the Pasqua brothers arrived in the romantic city of Verona. Now in their third generation, they are still committed to creating authentic wines with a sense of place while mastering the art of storytelling and creativity.

1 review for Pasqua Passimento Italian Red

  1. Frank

    Spot on description of tasting notes. Can vouch for the serving suggestions too. We had it with a herbed shoulder of lamb, and the following night pasta with a nduja and chilli sauce. A lovely, in the truest sense, and warm wine.

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