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SpritzISH Alcohol-free Cocktail

Hands up if you love a chilled Aperol Spritz! ✋🏼 If that’s you – this is a delicious alcohol-free, hangover-free yet full of flavour alternative for you. ISH Spirits put together quassia, cinnamon and gentian root, to add the complex bitterness and herbaceousness found in a traditional spritz; along with lemons, oranges and tangerines, to add tang and sweetness. This all comes together in an alcohol-free spritz that tastes as good as it looks.

Producer Name : Ish Spirits

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Recommended by Bartenders - SpritzISH has won many awards but the most remarkable is their Category Champion award at the Bartenders Brand Awards in London


With just 75 calories per can and made from natural ingredients, this is a great alternative for a mindful party or for designated drivers to sip on the beach!


Founded in 2018, Ish Spirits was founded by Morten Sørensen with a vision to make mindful drinking easy and provide an alcohol-free option for those who don’t always have the desire to drink alcohol


ISH is a pioneer in the non-alcoholic category and is already serving its award-winning, non-alcoholic wine, spirits and premixed cocktails in over 15 countries, including some of the world's best restaurants and innovative hotels. Working behind the scenes to create these innovative drinks, is a powerful team of passionated pioneers. “As one of the first movers in this new category we consider it our responsibility to keep raising the bar so we can continue to blown the minds of conscious consumers as they search for satisfying mindful options.” – Morten Sorensen, Founder.

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