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Square Root Blackcurrant Soda

Fresh and balanced, punchy, seasonal, sparkling Blackcurrant Soda made with berries from Maynards farm in East Sussex. Not only are blackcurrants high in vitamin C and packed with antioxidants but also make delicious mixers for cocktails. We adore Square Root as they only use fresh juicy fruit and zero artificial additives. Scroll to learn more about this wonderful & seasonal soda.

Producer Name : Square Root

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Yes it is cloudy, don't be afraid of the sediment. Give it a good shake and yum it up. It's all natural and all good for you


We adore Square root for their commitment to create all-natural, additive-free, flavour-first, non-alcoholic drinks for people who are looking for alternatives


Founded in Ed & Robyn's kitchen back in 2012, Square Root sodas are craft soft drinks made from fruit to bottle that contain less sugar and more flavour


Meet The Grower, Tom Maynard - Growing fruit is in Tom's blood as a second generation farmer in Ticehurst, East Sussex who has dedicated his life to the study of horticulture. Speaking about Blackcurrant Soda, Tom says "Blackcurrant juice does tend to be thick with pectins if you don't use an enzyme to help break them down. There has been a long term trend towards drinks needing to look clear and clean and that any cloudiness is not desirable, but pectics are just a natural part of berry juice"

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