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Square Root Lemonade

Square root has kept the sugar content low and used highest quality Sicilian lemons do their lip puckering magic, in center stage, with only 69 calories per bottle. Made with really fresh & zesty lemons and the oils from rinds with absolutely zero artificial additives. Check out our cocktail recommendation below or enjoy it on it’s own with Classic Fish & Chips dinner.

Producer Name : Square Root

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Lemonade first became popular in Victorian London where the tradition of mixing lemon juice with sugar and water was brought over from Italy


We adore Square root for their commitment to create all-natural, additive-free, flavour-first, non-alcoholic drinks for people who are looking for alternatives


Founded in Ed & Robyn's kitchen back in 2012, Square Root sodas are craft soft drinks made from fruit to bottle that contain less sugar and more flavour

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