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Summer Drinks Box

ORDER NOW WITH YOUR EVENING STANDARD DISCOUNT CODE. FREE DELIVERY. Fabulous, handpicked selection of 10 top summer must-haves, All Things Drinks Summer Drinks Box is jam packed with unique flavours across different styles. Whip up the classiest G&Ts with Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin and Coast’s British Tonic, sip on the best wine-in-can that we have found – Canvino Sparkling Rosé and beat the heat with the ice cold can of all-natural Fountain Hard Seltzers. Looking for some alcohol-free options? This box has got you covered with the best alcohol-free Lucky Saint Lager and the most innovative drink of them all – Goodrays CBD Seltzers. It doesn’t end there, the box also contains a bottle of delicious wine, organic alcohol-free sparkling wine, British craft cider & a can of lip-smacking craft beer!


Producer Name : All Things Drinks Summer Drinks Box

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What's in the Box? Australian Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, British Coast Tonic, Italian Canvino Sparkling Rosé, British Fountain Watermelon Hard Seltzer


A bottle of delicious summer-ready white wine, a bottle of British craft cider, a can of the most delicious Mikkeller beer


Alcohol-Free Drinks - ALT Organic Sparkling Wine, Lucky Saint Lager and a can of Goodrays CBD Seltzer!

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