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The Cheese Room by Patricia Michelson

Cheese lover’s must have! Do you have an eternal love for cheese? Do you go to cheese aisle and find yourself with 4 types of cheeses to tick the boxes such as hard, soft, gooey, smelly, with food, with crackers, with chutney, with wine, with port……. This book is an absolute must have in your kitchen library. Written by the cheese queen Patricia Michelson of La Fromagerie, The Cheese Room has not only won multiple awards but more importantly, takes you on a journey to learning about the world of incredible flavours and pairing. Know someone who would love this book? Buy it as a perfect present and have it delivered to their doorstep with a gift message. 

Producer Name : Patricia Michelson

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Neat little paperback with just over 200 pages with a good index to help you navigate the vast world of cheese and food


Along with The Cheese Room book, Patricia has three award-winning shops called - LA FROMAGERIE in London - Marylebone, Highbury & Bloomsbury


Patricia's love of cheese began up a mountain whilst she was skiing in Meribel. She returned to London with a wheel of Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage which she sold from her garden shed, graduating to a stall in Camden market a year later


The Cheese Room - Patricia Michelson

"I could talk about cheese until the cows come home...describe the nuances and aromas, textures, styles and varying shades of yellow. I could list countless cheeses, with family histories, terrain formations and weather conditions."

What's inside the book: Introduction, Conversion Tables. Cheeses for all Seasons, Making Cheese at Home, Bread Sandwiches, Lunches, Suppers and Savouries, A guide to body maintenance for skiers and sporty types, Soups, Sales, Polenta and Potatoes, pasta, Pastry, Tarts and Desserts, Fruit and Cheese, Special Occasions & Cheese Fantasies, Great British Cheese, Planning your own Cheese & Wine Tasting, Cheese with...., Happiness is a Hard Bit of Dried-Out Cheese, Epilogue & Good Cheese Shops.

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