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Yan Tan Elderflower and Hawthorn Seltzer

British Seltzers are here to stay! Made from wonky fruit which is fruit that is not “good looking enough” to go into the supermarkets, brothers Tom & James created this delicious Yan Tan Elderflower & Hawthorn hard seltzer. Authentic elderflower and a touch of tart hawthorn berry – fresh and floral with a gentle fizz; this drink is a summer must have!

Producer Name : Yan Tan

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Made from 100% Sustainably sourced British fruit, Yan Tan is also slightly sparkling with 0g of sugar, 71 kcals & 4% ABV alcohol


Hard Seltzers is a carbonated water combined with alcohol and fruit flavouring and is gluten-free, low calorie, low sugar, low carb, and low alcohol


Brothers Tom and James Henderson created the seltzers during the first lock down in their hometown of Swaledale, Yorkshire


What does Yan Tan Mean?

Finding the right name for their product took time. "We were scribbling down all sorts of names for weeks, from obscure wildlife to British folklore," says James. "One morning I had been up all night – again – working on the business model when Dad came down to make a cup of tea and said ‘how about Yan Tan – it’s a Swardle (Swaledale dialect) rhyme the shepherds use. It means One Two – like you and Tom'."

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