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Zingi Bear Organic Ginger Switchel

Sparkling, crisp and a delicious thirst-quencher. Zingi Bear Organic switchel is an adventurous non-alcoholic treat to enjoy over ice with sliced fresh ginger and a wedge of lemon or a mighty addition to spirits such as rum or whisky! But what is a Switchel? Keep scrolling to find out.

Producer Name : Zingi Bear


Switch-el is an apple cider vinegar & ginger elixirs once drunk by thirsty farmers whilst cutting hay all day in the searing sun, then after hours when the moon-shone as a mixer for spirits


Zingi Bear are committed in their natural approach and do not add any artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, concentrates or sweeteners while creating a completely plastic free packaging


Founder Laurie is all about flavour! A trained cheesemaker and brewer with over 15 years in fine food and drink. He is obsessed with the best when it comes to taste


Meet the Maker, Laurie Freeman - A few years wiser, and several rounds later, he seeked a healthier alternative treat, one that still hit the spot - the only problem was what?

“I cut down on booze, and found it impossible to find a soft drink that genuinely had premium ingredients, nor was branded like the cool craft beer that I would otherwise be drinking."

So Laurie decided to create this wonderful elixir drink for others who are also looking for non-alcoholic alternatives.

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