Ah, pizza—the ultimate comfort food that has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of foodies worldwide. Whether it’s a classic Margherita, a loaded Meat Feast, or a veggie-loaded delight, pizza knows how to bring a smile to our faces. But wait, what if we told you there’s a way to elevate this already fantastic experience? Enter the magical world of pizza and wine pairings! Get ready to embark on a fun and mouthwatering journey as we explore the perfect wines to accompany your favourite pizzas!

The Classic Margherita & Charming Chianti

We’re starting with the pizza that started it all—the classic Margherita! With its simple yet irresistible combination of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, this Italian delight calls for a wine that will harmonise with its vibrant flavours. Say “Ciao!” to Chianti, the charismatic red wine from Tuscany. With its cherry fruitiness, earthy undertones, and a hint of spice, Chianti elevates the Margherita experience to a whole new level. Mamma mia, what a delightful pairing!

Pro Tip: The amazing grape variety of Chianti is Sangiovese and for the best quality Chianti look for “DOCG” on the label.

Meat Feast & Robust Malbec

Next up, we have the carnivore’s dream—the Meat Feast pizza! Packed with all the mouthwatering meats you can imagine, this hearty delight calls for a wine with equal boldness. Enter Malbec, the Argentine superstar. With its full-bodied character, luscious dark fruit flavours, and a touch of smoky goodness, Malbec tames the meaty medley and leaves your taste buds dancing with joy. Indulge in this heavenly match, and you’ll be singing “Viva la carne!” with every bite.

Pro Tip: Look out for “Malbec” on the label and region of “Mendoza” for good quality while “Tupungato” for the best!

Veggie Supreme & Vibrant Rosé

For our veggie-loving friends, the Veggie Supreme pizza is a delightful medley of fresh vegetables, bursting with colours and flavours. To complement this veggie extravaganza, we turn to a vibrant and refreshing Rosé. Its lively fruitiness, light body, and crisp acidity are a perfect match for the medley of veggies on your pizza. With every sip, your palate will be singing the praises of this garden-inspired pairing.

Pro Tip: French Rosé lovers look out for Rosés from Rhone and Languedoc for a budget friendly yet delicious wines. We also love flavourful dark rosés from Italy, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and even South Africa!

Ham + Mascarpone & Prosecco

Say hello to Ebi Nigiri, the delightful prawn sushi that’s brimming with freshness. To accentuate its natural sweetness and delicate taste, we reach for Sauvignon Blanc. With its vibrant citrus notes and crisp acidity, this white wine creates a symphony of refreshment that enhances the essence of the prawns.

Pro Tip: Prosecco DOCs are delicious, but if you want to elevate that experience, try Prosecco DOCGs from Valdobbiadene region.

Salami Pizza & Lively Lambrusco

Lambrusco, with its effervescent charm, adds an exciting twist to the Salami Pizza pairing. The wine’s fizzy bubbles awaken the palate, preparing it for the next mouthwatering bite. Lambrusco’s fruity notes of cherry and blackberry perfectly complement the savoury notes of the salami, creating a tantalising taste sensation.

Pro Tip: Lambruscos come in a variety of styles from dry to medium sweet. Look out for “Lambrusco di Sorbara” for dry, lighter versions while “Lambrusco Salamino” for the heavier, sweeter sparkling red wines.

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So, the next time you treat yourself to a delicious pizza, don’t forget to raise a glass and toast to the magical union of pizza and wine. It’s a match made in foodie heaven that will leave you craving more! Cheers to the delightful journey of pizza and wine pairings and may your taste buds forever dance with joy!