We’ve sampled thousands of alcohol-free drinks to save you the trouble! While some were less than delightful, we’ve unearthed some truly delicious non-alcoholic alternatives. Dimple, the founder and driving force of this blog, serves as a judge at the Spirits Business Global No & Low Masters, bringing a passion for accessible gems. Leveraging this expertise, we’ve thoughtfully crafted a brief Amazon Prime list for your convenience.

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Remedy Kombucha

Starting our lineup with kombucha, Remedy Kombucha is a clear favourite among Amazon customers. Crafted through a traditional method, it boasts a dry and tangy flavour profile, offered in four delightful variations. Have you had the pleasure of sipping on this kombucha yet?

ALL THINGS DRINKS_Best Alcohol-free on Amazon Prime_Remedy Kombucha
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Big Drop Paradiso Citra IPA

Indulge in the refreshing world of Paradiso Citra IPA—an alcohol-free masterpiece for beer aficionados. Its a zesty, gluten-free, vegan brew that boasts a tantalising citrusy zing and a sharp twist of bitterness. Crafted with a blend of Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, Citra, and Columbus hops, it’s a tropical escape in every sip. Big Drop Brewing has won several awards and their beers make you forget that the experience is hangover free!

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Trip CBD Infused Drinks

Initially, we were skeptical about CBD-infused drinks, but after sampling most of those on the market, Trip proved to be quite delicious. All of their flavours have earned the Great Taste Award and appear to be customer favourites. The Elderflower and Mint stands out as the most popular, while the Peach option is equally refreshing. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us!

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Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirits

We do adore Lyre’s. This alcohol-free producer from Australia has taken the UK and international markets by storm. Their recipes evoke memories of the spirits we love, but without the hangovers we despise! They boast a vast selection of alternatives, but our favourites are Italian Spritz, Coffee Originale, Amaretti, and their RTDs.

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Lyre's Coffee Original Affogato
📸 Lyre’s Coffee Originale

Saicho Jasmine Sparkling Tea

Born from the tempestuous seas surrounding the Isle of Skye, Talisker Storm was first released in 2013 and it’s fast become a favourite. A dark, smoky whisky that immerses you in the heart of a sea storm. Its tasting journey unfolds like a gathering storm, beginning with sweet maltiness and ripe red berries, evolving into layers of smoke, brine, and a burst of pepper.

ALL THINGS DRINKS_ best Alcohol-free on amazon prime_Saicho jasmine tea
📸 Saicho Sparkling Tea Website

Three Spirit Nightcap

Indulge in the alcohol-free bliss of Three Spirit Nightcap, a holistic elixir rich in natural relaxation. Crafted with award-winning flavours—wood, bright spices, and citrus herbs—it’s a luxurious slow-sipper. Created for easy mixing, this vegan, gluten-free delight is perfect for any lifestyle, earning over 29 accolades. Makes a really perfect alcohol free nightcap!

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Mother Root Ginger Switchel

We’re smitten with this zesty ginger elixir for its pristine and top-notch ingredients — Apple Cider Vinegar, Blossom Honey, Ginger Juice, Ginger Extract, Capsicum Extract. Combine it with Tonic or Soda, a splash of apple/pear juice, and you’ve got a heavenly concoction!

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