Dimple, both the founder and the dedicated individual behind this blog, shares an immense love for delicious spirits. With her role as a Spirits Business Global Spirits Masters judge, Dimple evaluates hundreds of vodkas annually to unveil the finest selections. This passion drives our mission: discovering the very best spirits. Leveraging this expertise, we’ve thoughtfully curated a concise Amazon Prime shortlist for your convenience.

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Let’s raise a glass and embark on a journey to uncover remarkable vodkas together.

Tayport Malt Barley Vodka

Multi-award winners, we love Tayport spirits for their authentic provenance, passion for all things local and of course, each of their spirit is delicious! Highest award winners at IWSC & Global Spirits Masters, Tayport’s Malt Barley Vodka is getting everyone in the spirits world excited about this Scottish Vodka. Tayport crafted the perfect recipe for over 7 years, the vodka is made from malted barley which has a Premium Vodka texture & smooth mouthfeel. Creamy and velvety, the taste has a subtle sweetness with hints of vanilla, caramel and cocoa. Superb!

Pro Tip: This gorgeous vodka makes great Espresso Martinis – shake it up with top quality espresso and ice!

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Tayport Malt Barley Vodka Espresso Martinis
📸 Tayport Malt Barley Vodka/Tayport Distillery

Black Cow Vodka

Embrace the extraordinary with Black Cow’s groundbreaking creation. A Master medal winner, this vodka stands as the world’s inaugural pure milk vodka, born from the remnants of their renowned cheddar crafting. Immerse in the aroma of creamy white chocolate, floral vanilla, desiccated coconut and a little lemon mousse and white pepper spice with enchanting smoky nuances.

Pro Tip: Elevate your experience with an exceptionally creamy Dirty Martini.

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Black Cow Vodka _ Insta Image
📸 Black Cow Vodka/Black Cow Instagram

Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka

Elevate your senses with an expressive vodka meticulously crafted from distilled Chardonnay grapes. Delicate citrus and floral notes intertwine, unveiling a creamy palate and a subtle hint of aniseed upon the finish. This triple-distilled masterpiece, birthed from Chapel Down’s grape skins, takes 2 years to mature, delivering surprising and delightful peach and pepper undertones.

Pro tip: Enjoy the Vodka along with your favourite tonic or soda & a twist of lemon to compliment & bring out the flavours.

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka _Insta
📸 Chapel Down Vodka/ Chapel Down Instagram

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka

Award Winning Vodka! We discovered Ellers Farm Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka after it won the several awards at the most prestigious spirits competitions. So why is this vodka from North Yorkshire making international spirits experts take notice? Made with British apples and a touch of potato spirit, Dutch Barn Vodka has a clean & smooth mouthfeel with creamy texture.

Pro Tip: Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka makes gorgeous cocktails or to enjoy on it’s own with some ice and slices of apples.

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Dutch Barn Vodka - Award Winning Vodka
📸 Dutch Barn Vodka/ Ellers Farm Distillery