5 Top Bars to check out in London


Embark on a journey through London’s vibrant nightlife scene as we unveil the ultimate guide to the top 5 bars in the city. From trendy hotspots to hidden gems, get ready to elevate your evenings with unforgettable experiences at these must-visit destinations.

Exploring London’s bustling bar scene is an adventure in itself, with countless establishments vying for attention. After meticulous consideration, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 bars that stand out amidst the city’s ever-growing landscape of nightlife. These select venues not only boast exceptional service and drinks but also offer a unique ambiance that sets them apart.

Additionally, we’ve handpicked signature drinks for each spot, ensuring you savour the quintessential flavours of London’s cocktail culture. Join us as we delve into an unforgettable journey through the city’s finest watering holes.

The Library Bar at The Lanesborough – Hyde Park Corner

Looking over Hyde Park, The Library Bar beckons with its unparalleled mixology and an extensive selection of spirits reminiscent of a cherished repository of liquid treasures. Its charm lies in the fusion of an exclusive club’s intimacy with the dynamic energy. Drawing in a discerning crowd from Knightsbridge and Belgravia, as well as travellers from afar, The Library Bar promises evenings filled with elegance and camaraderie, making it a standout destination for those seeking refined experiences in London’s bustling scene.

What To Drink?: Into The Wild

Fashioned in celebration of Belgravia In Bloom, the ‘Into the Wild’ cocktail bursts with tropical flavours. Infused with organic Brazilian cachaça Yaguara, mango, coconut, agave syrup, and a hint of chilli, it promises a spicy twist to your palate.

📸 Into The Wild Cocktail by Library Bar at The Lanesborough Hotel

The Aubrey at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Knightsbridge

Step into The Aubrey for a fusion of Japanese-inspired cocktails and innovative cuisine. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance reminiscent of Ginza’s nightlife, complete with London’s first omakase cocktail experience. Indulge in traditional izakaya dishes served alongside seasonal libations, complemented by live DJ sets on weekends for a vibrant evening.

What To Drink?: La Mort D’Arthur

Experience the enchantment of “La Mort D’Arthur” cocktail, marrying Rice Shochu, Yellow Chartreuse, and Clarified Coconut & Pineapple. Its velvety texture and exotic essence captivate the palate, presented in a live-painted Nick & Nora glass. Reflecting 15th-century Japanese ink-work, its floral motifs and monochrome designs evoke a timeless allure. Stunning!

📸 La Mort D’Arthur Cocktail at The Aubrey

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Kwant – Mayfair

Pronounced “quaint” which means Strange in Middle English, this bar have got the balance between Japanese refined asthetics with an art-deco style tropical vibes!

What To Drink?: The Wallet Cocktail

A tantalising concoction featuring Woodford Reserve Bourbon, infused with black miso and the subtle sweetness of barley vermouth, finished with notes of chestnut and salted maple. Topped with pickled white asparagus and a hint of dill for a sophisticated twist. This cocktail is something else!

📸 The Wallet Cocktail at Kwant Mayfair

Sexy Fish – Berkeley Square

Immerse yourself in the tantalising world of Japanese-inspired cuisine amidst the glamour of London’s Mayfair district at Sexy Fish. Nestled on the corner of Berkeley Square, this Asian restaurant and bar offers a delectable culinary experience unlike any other. As the clock strikes 10pm on Fridays, Sexy Fish transforms into a lively dinner party extravaganza. Vibrant hues and aquatic motifs infuse the ambiance, creating an electric atmosphere that seamlessly transitions into a full-on party destination, where the revelry carries on well into the night. As for the cocktails, their Trinity menu is a harmony of balanced flavours, aromas and textures.

What To Drink?: Sour Cream Lime & Lime Luscious

Sour Cream & Lime Luscious cocktail is a captivating concoction featuring taco-spiced Patrón Silver Tequila, tangy sour cream, zesty lime, and the unique twist of kalamansi – a citrus fruit native to the Philippines. Embark on a flavour journey with hints of oregano and a touch of smoked chilli, creating a cocktail experience that’s bold, vibrant, and utterly unforgettable.

📸 Sexy Fish – Sour Cream Lime & Lime Luscious

The Connaught Bar – Mayfair

Nestled in Mayfair, the multi-award-winning bar, The Connaught, stands as a beacon of cocktail excellence. Led by Agostino Perrone, the Synergia bar menu not only masters classic cocktails but also innovates with refined new creations. Each sip transcends mere libation, fostering connections with oneself and others in an inviting ambiance. Their classic Martini is an absolute must have but they are so much more than that!

What To Drink?: Armonia

Indulge in “Armonia,” a harmonious blend of fresh and tropical notes crafted with Macallan Harmony III Amber Meadow and our mixologists’ bespoke coconut wine infusion. This seamless fusion delivers a symphony of flavours, inviting you on a journey of synergy and aromatic delights.

Aronia_The Connaught_Top 5 Bars London
📸 The Connaught – Armonia Cocktail