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Discovering the World of Natural Wine: A Guide to Authentic and Unique Flavours


Natural wine has become a trending topic in the wine industry, with an increasing number of wine lovers seeking out this unique style of wine. Unlike conventional wines, natural wine is produced with minimal intervention from the winemaker, using grapes that have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or chemicals. This method creates a wine that truly reflects the terroir of the vineyard, resulting in a unique and exciting drinking experience.

So, what exactly is natural wine?

It’s made by fermenting grapes with natural yeasts that are present on the grapes and in the winery. This creates a wine that is unfiltered, unfined, and free from added sugar or artificial flavours. Natural wine is often described as having a “wild” or “funky” character, resulting in a wine that is authentic and true to its origins.

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Tinaja_Amphora Clay pots
ALL THINGS DRINKS – Tinaja_Amphora Clay pots

But what sets natural wine apart from conventional wine?

Natural wine is a true celebration of the land and the grape. By using minimal intervention during the winemaking process, natural wine expresses the unique flavours and aromas of the grapes and the soil they were grown in. This creates a wine that is authentic and one of a kind. Additionally, natural wine is often made in small batches by passionate winemakers, resulting in a wine that is truly unique and special.

Pasqua Wines Black Grapes In Basket In Italian Vineyard Harvested By Women

Great, which ones should I try?

If you’re new to natural wine, we highly recommend giving it the wines we have put together a try. It’s a beautiful and unique expression of the vineyard, resulting in a delicious and exciting drinking experience. So, the next time you’re looking for a new wine to try, consider natural wine and experience the true taste of the vineyard.

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