Dishoom is the charming chain of London restaurants that invites you to embark on an exquisite gastronomic journey through the vibrant streets of Mumbai. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Irani cafes & Bollywood, Dishoom captures the essence of authentic Mumbai café foods and brings them to life in the heart of the UK. Step into any one of their restaurants, and you’ll find yourself transported to a bygone era of nostalgic charm. The restaurant’s vintage décor, rustic furnishings, and warm lighting evoke the spirit of old Mumbai.

In this article, we will explore six delectable dishes that you simply cannot afford to miss when you visit Dishoom. Before we begin, a gentle reminder to check for dietary and allergy information.

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📸 Dishoom Decor / Dishoom Instagram

Vada Pau

Begin your journey with the quintessential Mumbai street food – Vada Pau. A spicy potato fritter embraced by soft pau bread, this dish is a delightful explosion of flavours that sets the stage for a memorable meal.

Drinks Tip: Pair with a light Beer or glass of Sparkling wine to get flavourful adventure started!

ALL THINGS DRINKS - Dishoom Vada Pau - Insta Dishoom
📸 Vada Pau / Dishoom Instagram

Keema Pau

Another Mumbai classic, Keema Pau, features minced lamb cooked with aromatic dry roasted spices and served with buttered pau. The rich and hearty flavours of this dish have won the hearts of many, making it a favourite choice among locals and visitors alike.

Drinks Tip: Pair with a glass of red, a cocktail or even masala Chai that complements its rich and hearty flavour profile.

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Prawn Koliwada

Embrace the coastal delights of Mumbai with Prawn Koliwada, a succulent and crispy prawn dish marinated with traditional Koli (fishermen) spices. The burst of flavours in this dish will transport you straight to the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Drinks Tip: Rosé lovers this is a match made in heaven! Go for a slightly fruity, medium sweet rosé to pair with the spicy prawns.

Biryani – Berry or Jackfruit

No trip to Dishoom is complete without indulging in their fragrant Biryani. Take your pick from two exquisite options – Berry Biryani, featuring tender chicken cooked with sweet-tart cranberries, or Jackfruit Biryani, a delightful vegetarian alternative.

Drinks Tip: We know you are waiting for Mango Lassi to make it’s debut! Go for it if you want to truly indulge yourself in a tropical flavour journey. For those who want a lighter alternative, you can try Kombucha or a light, smooth red wine.

House Black Daal

Prepare to be enchanted by the House Black Daal, a lentil dish slow-cooked over 24 hours to perfection with tomatoes and cream. The creamy and comforting flavours of this dish have won the admiration of many, making it an absolute must-try.

Drinks Tip: Daal is usually a side dish with doesn’t need to paired with a drink specifically, but similar to the biryani, Kombucha or a fizzy drink will help keep your palate fresh and ready for the next bite!

📸 Dhaal & Biryani / Dishoom Instagram

Malai Kulfi

Conclude your culinary adventure with Malai Kulfi, a traditional Indian ice cream infused with cardamom and saffron. This cool and creamy dessert is the perfect ending to a sensational meal.

Drinks Tip: Enjoy the kulfi on it’s own and if you still have room, try a cocktail to slow down or coffee to wake up!

Dishoom beckons you to explore the mesmerising aromas of authentic Mumbai café foods in an ambiance that is both nostalgic and welcoming. From the iconic Vada Pau to the indulgent Malai Kulfi, each dish at Dishoom is a celebration of India’s culinary diversity. So, venture into this culinary haven and let Dishoom transport you to the bustling streets of Mumbai with every tantalising bite. It is our favourite place to visit when in London.